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Don’t Have an Open House Without Reading These Tips

  • Carin Whybrew
  • 09/25/22

A lot of preparation goes into having an open house, and those attending an open house can present real opportunities to a seller. Before starting the process, here are some tips to follow when you decide to host an open house.

Decide if you should host an open house

Hosting a real estate open house can work for most types of properties.  One situation in which it’s good to have an open house is if your property is unique. Something that looks different from the neighbors’ houses will attract the interest necessary to make the open house a success.

Another situation to have an open house is if your house is in an area that is well populated, busy, and has a high demand. Making your home available to people who otherwise wouldn’t visit it, especially in high-demand areas, creates competition that often results in good attendance.

Advertise online

The first thing you want to do when having a real estate open house is to advertise the event online. There are several places to list your open house online.  In the era of technology, the internet is your friend when it comes to spreading the word.

Also, use your personal social media accounts to get the word out to friends and family. If they know about it, they’re more likely to share the news with their own social network, which can bring in more buyer interest.

One thing you should definitely have in an online listing is a batch of quality, professional photos. A professional photographer will have the correct equipment and ample experience to take well-balanced and edited photos of your home. To help them do their job, you should prepare your home for pictures by cleaning and staging each room.

Advertise offline

If you want people attending an open house to find your house the day of, then having physical advertisements like signs, a timed rider on the for sale sign and balloons weather permitting. Put signs around your home to increase the property’s visibility and buyer interest. And make sure the signs are straightforward, easy to spot among their surroundings, and large enough for a person to read from their car.

You can also do the groundwork, like letting your neighbors know in person, sending out invitations to people in the area, and posting flyers in community areas. On the day of, have plenty of paper material with the particulars of your home. This includes a simple layout of the basic information of the property.

Prepare your home to show

Well in advance of your real estate open house, prepare your home to show by cleaning, decluttering, and tending to the home’s exterior. On the day of the open house, tidy up areas by making sure the beds are made, the bathrooms are clean, and there aren’t objects cluttering rooms or walkways. Let in as much light as possible by opening blinds and pulling back curtains.

Ready to host your own open house?

With these tips, you’re ready to host an open house of your own. For more help in selling your home, contact one of the local agents at The Carin Whybrew Project to guide you through the process.

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