The Whybrew Project: Schools in Greater Lansing

The Whybrew Project: Schools in Greater Lansing

  • The Whybrew Project
  • 10/20/23

Schools are one of the main reasons why homebuyers choose a certain area, and most want to take the time to do their due diligence before making a final decision. Many families are anxious to know that they are purchasing a home near the best schools possible to ensure their children receive the best education they can.

When purchasing a home in Greater Lansing, you must know that you have all of the information you need to make the best possible choice to meet your family's needs. Purchasing a home based on the local schools is a smart move regarding home value, providing homeowners with overall stability and better resale value.

Okemos High School

As the only high school in the Okemos Public School district, this institution is one where students feel right at home. Ranked 14th in Michigan, Okemos High School also ranks #535 nationally based on testing scores, graduation rates, and college preparation. This high school offers plenty of extracurricular activities for students to enjoy, including water polo, soccer, band, and orchestra. The student culture at Okemos High School is excellent, and parents can rest assured that their children are having the best high school experience possible.

East Lansing High School

Conveniently located one mile north of Michigan State University, East Lansing High School has an impressive ranking overall score of 91.8/100. When purchasing a home in Greater Lansing, parents certainly take the educational system into consideration, and East Lansing High School never fails to exceed expectations. It is the only high school in the East Lansing School District and boasts a student-teacher ratio of 22-to-1. East Lansing High School is known for students who are competitive in athletics, have amazing school spirit, and are passionate about academics, striving to be the best they can at all times.

Williamstown High School

Williamstown High School is a place where students know they can go to thrive every day. Homebuyers with children feel great about purchasing in this district, knowing that students are being taught by the best. Ranking third in Lansing Metro Area high schools, Williamstown has a graduation rate of 98%, which is well above the state median. The school never fails to impress and is one of the main reasons families purchase a home in the area.

Lansing Technical High School

At Lansing Technical High School, students are provided with hands-on training to prepare them for the technical career of their choice. The school is in its first year, and families know that the Lansing School District is adamant about excellence. Upon opening in fall of 2023, the school offered 100 spots for first-year high school students, with a choice of concentrations including computer science, fire and medical science, construction science, and culinary arts. Students will be well-prepared for the workplace upon graduation, with the satisfaction of knowing that they were able to achieve their goals and face the future with certainty.

Post Oak Magnet School

Providing education for students from pre-K to seventh grade, Post Oak Magnet School rises above the best when it comes to educational opportunities. Parents speak highly of the school and are proud to have their children attend. The school provides each student with a high-quality education, letting them grow and prosper in a setting that is as challenging as it is fulfilling. Ranking #483 in Michigan elementary schools, Post Oak Magnet School is a place that parents can feel great about sending their children to each day.

Windemere Park Charter Academy

Windermere Park Charter Academy offers an abundance of opportunities for every student who attends. Serving students from kindergarten through eighth grade, this school gives individual attention to each child, providing them with the opportunity to succeed based on their own abilities. The curriculum is well-rounded, with one-on-one teaching and small-group instruction.

Lansing Charter Academy

At Lansing Charter Academy, the sky is the limit for every child. According to a Stanford University study, children at this school outperform peers from surrounding schools by 3.5 months each year, giving parents peace of mind knowing that students are receiving the best educational opportunities. With a ranking of #829 in Michigan elementary schools, Lansing Charter Academy has a student-to-teacher ratio of 18-to-1, giving every child the individualized attention they need to prosper.

Reo School

Serving pre-K through third grade, the Reo School offers an impressive student-to-teacher ratio of 12-to-1, a rate much better than most. The school ranks #3 in Lansing Public School District elementary schools, with students achieving above-average scores in math and reading. Families who purchase a home near Reo School know they are in a desirable area, as the school consistently exceeds parents' expectations yearly.

Cumberland School

At Cumberland Elementary School, every student has the opportunity to achieve excellence based on their own efforts. The school provides education for pre-K through third grade, and with stellar test scores, students are well-prepared for whatever the future holds. At Cumberland School, teachers are focused on providing a nurturing environment where students feel comfortable and motivated to succeed. Ranking #686 in Michigan elementary schools, the school takes a personal interest in the education of every student who attends.

Red Cedar Elementary School

Red Cedar offers a supportive environment, allowing each student to flourish in a community that strives for the best. With a student-teacher ratio of 9-to-1, the school offers education for grades pre-K through fourth and is among the top five percent for the diversity of all elementary schools in Michigan. Parents are vocal about their love for the school and all that it offers and are proud to watch their children grow and learn throughout their years at Red Cedar.

When relocating to Greater Lansing, it is important to know everything there is about the surrounding school districts and what they have to offer. As a huge deciding factor when it comes to purchasing a home, the school district is vital to everyone, directly affecting the demand for homes in the area. With many buyers being influenced by the schools when they are in the market for a new home, they know just how much reputation matters and how the schools give homeowners an advantage over others. For more information or to discuss the home-buying process in Greater Lansing, contact Carin Whybrew today.

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